Seeking Justice for UK Families

I can not put in to words how I feel or how me and my family have suffered since investing in Malaysia. I am not a rich individual so all my investment was saved over a number of years for our children's future and then to see it all disappear is heartbreaking. Having to break the news to my wife after finding out was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. But what hurts even more is when you look for help and justice you find the political establishment of Malaysia is prepared to turn a blind eye to our plight

I have lost almost all of my entire life-savings and feel that there isn't any support from the Malaysian authorities in conducting a thorough investigation and ensuring justice is served. I am part of a large number of British investors that have been through an extremely tough time over the past 4 years without justice and will fight to ensure that other UK citizens do not suffer in the same way as me and my family have.

I had been to Malaysia several times on package tours and loved the place and the people and felt that it was somewhere I could invest. So, rather than leave my life-savings in the bank, I decided to invest in Malaysia and in this company with many other people ... How wrong I was about Malaysia. It is so disheartening, now I do not trust anyone, I really feel let down. life along with kids and my parents life is in complete shreds, we have lost everything. We have been thoroughly humiliated by our experience and feel cheated out of all that my family had built over the last 40 years. All I'm asking for is a fair hearing of the case and those involved to face justice.

The financial cost has been very damaging to me and my family but most importantly the friendships and family ties which have been strained as direct result of this, have been extremely stressful. The mental and emotional damage caused by this alleged fraud cannot be repaired! I pray that the alleged perpetrators of this crime are made to pay back every penny. We've been waiting four years and it is now time for the Malaysian authorities to put an end to this pain.

I need to know what Doxport Technologies have done with my investment. In the UK, the police would have frozen all assets by now, each suspect would have been interviewed to find out the truth and importantly to ascertain who had knowledge of this alleged crime, this isn't rocket science!

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  • I would be grateful if you could investigate the issues highlighted and provide some clarification and assurances in relation to them.

    The Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP
    Shadow Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State for Justice & Minister for London

  • Officials have raised the matter with the Malaysian International Trade Minister, Dato' Sri Mustapa Mohamed, and senior officials in the Malaysian Government

    The Rt Hon William Hague
    Ex-British Foreign Secretary & current First Secretary of State and Leader of the House of Commons

  • The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, after being given strong proof under 126 of their communication law which states that any company dealing with telecommunications 'switches' must have a licence, have decided not to proceed with any charges

    Jackie Doyle-Price MP
    House of Commons

  • The Anti-Money Laundering Authority has also thus far failed to produce a report despite requirements under Malaysian regulations.

    Rt. Hon. Lynne Featherstone MP
    Minister of State for Crime Prevention at the Home Office

  • I won't comment on Cameron, who should know what to do to help his own citizens. It is a good opportunity for him to raise the issue with Najib rather just gush out meaningless praise when there is so much evidence to the contrary.

    For Najib, as the leader of Malaysia, he should not hide but be open about this issue because it is a long outstanding case and has the support of many top people from both UK as well as Malaysia. These people are not frauds or troublemakers but investors who took the initiative to invest in our country. They deserve to be treated better and not be snubbed like this by our PM.

    October 2013

    Zuraidah Kamaruddin
    Ampang MP, Malaysia

  • It appears that Doxport produced fake invoices from Singtel, to give the impression to potential investors that the business was doing well.

    Stephen Timms MP
    House of Commons

  • It appears that Doxport produced fake invoices from Singtel, to give the impression to potential investors that the business was doing well.

    Stephen Timms MP
    House of Commons

  • Dear Prime Minister, I would kindly request you to investigate this company on behalf of the UK investors and encourage an appropriate resolution before any questions are raised about the safety of funds invested by British citizens in Malaysia.

    Angie Bray MP
    House of Commons

  • Why is it taking them [police] so long to take action? Is it because he has political immunity, or there are people backing him?

    This is an embarrassment to the democracy of our country. We don't even have the courtesy to respond to the British citizens [MPs].

    February 2013

    Zuraidah Kamaruddin
    Ampang MP, Malaysia

  • We take the matter seriously and have ensured that it has been raised at the very highest level.

    Jeremy Browne MP
    Formerly Minister of State, FCO and Minister of State, Home Office

  • I have now written on your behalf to the Foreign Secretary and to the Prime Minister of Malaysia. I also intend to raise a question in House regarding this case.

    David Lammy MP
    House of Commons

  • I call upon your government to instigate a full investigation of the company by the appropriate regulatory authority so as to restore the confidence of UK investors into the Malaysian market.

    Barry Gardiner MP
    Shadow Minister (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)

  • The Hon. Attorney General, I have deep concerns with the status of this investigation and I call upon your Chambers to investigate this complaint through your enforcement agencies and in full accordance with Malaysian law.

    Virendra Sharma MP
    House of Commons

  • It has been 14 months since the investigation began and four of the main alleged fraud suspects have as yet not been interviewed. This is despite their names being provided to the police.

    Rt. Hon. Theresa Villiers MP
    Secretary of State for N. Ireland